Natalie Hurst

Natalie’s interest in how we move our bodies began when studying Performing Arts at college and university. For the last 12 years, she has been teaching others the art of movement and natural lifestyle development. She is passionate about teaching the principles of effective, pain-free and graceful movement to her clients. Applying these principles, she integrates creative approaches to rehabilitation and movement-coaching, as well as laying down a foundation of natural, healthy living.

She is a strong advocate for integrative approaches to health and fitness and believes it is not just the physical practice of movement that creates a healthy mind and body, but a collection of lifestyle habits, choices and actions that not only reflect our needs as a species but shape us to be the best version of ourselves.

For the last seven years, Natalie has devoted her time to working with clients on natural fitness retreats in Africa, Europe and the Americas, via her unique educational programmes.

Natalie undertakes regular continued professional development and has studied under renowned leaders in the fields of strength and conditioning, dance, gymnastics, yoga, parkour, running, osteopathy, nutrition and breathwork, with the aim of expanding her expertise to best serve her clients. She lives by example and her passion is evident through her embodiment of these holistic practices.
About Group Class- Mobility Foundations.

A bespoke low-impact class for Wellbean. Suitable for those who wish to concentrate on rehabilitation and focus upon improving their daily movement pattern or increasing their potential range of movement. The class focuses upon a hybrid range of movements from principles such as yoga and pilates, but also from our natural functional movements. The aim of working in this way is to align the body through improving the strength, range of motion and awareness of the body. Movements can be adapted to take into consideration each participant’s levels and limitations, so nobody is left out. This class challenges the mind and body into new ways of training that have long-lasting effects.

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