Monica Li

Monica is a licensed Acupuncturist, Aromatherapist, and Massage Therapist, fully insured by the British Acupuncture Council. Initially, she studied at the International College of Oriental Medicine (affiliated by University of Greenwich), where she graduated with a BSc degree in Acupuncture. She supplemented this by qualifying as a five-element aromatherapist and massage therapist at the Asia Pacific Aromatherapy College in Hong Kong.

The focus of Monica’s treatment is not just the presenting symptoms but also aims to address the root cause of the problem. She believes this then allows the origin of the problem to unfold and heal. This method of practice is achieved through her classical-style approach to Acupuncture, based on Stem and Branches, constitutional, five-elements and six division theory (Zhang Zhong King from Han dynasty), with a blend of Five-element Aromatherapy.

As part of her ongoing professional development, Monica continues her learning in classical Acupuncture with different teachers, including Master Jeffrey Yuen (88th generation of the Yu Qing Huang Lao Pai (Jade Purity Yellow Emperor Lao Zi School) and 26th generation of the Quan Zhen Long Men Pai (Complete Reality Dragon Gate School). She frequently attends professional training from Master Yuen and his accredited teacher Ann Cecil Sternman for Classical Chinese medicine. She also trained with Dr. Andy Rosenfarb for Chinese medical Opthalmology and Facial acupuncture with Michelle Gellis.

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