Csaba Torok

Csaba began his journey to become a massage therapist after experiencing lower back pain. The massage treatment he received helped his recovery greatly and inspired his inquisitive mind to find out more about how the body works.

He has successfully completed level 3 and 4 qualifications in sports massage therapy at The Jing Advanced Clinical Massage School. Through his studies, Csaba was introduced to the world of fascia and listening touch. This has helped with being properly grounded and fully present when treating his clients.

As part of Csaba’s ongoing development training, he is studying kinesiology taping. He is also working on gaining a deepened understanding of working with people who experience chronic pain conditions, stemming from myofascial pain, alongside exploring how massage therapy can be used in the treatment of scar tissue.

Sport and health are important aspects of Csaba’s life and is currently undergoing training for Ironman Vichy. He also has a keen interest in triathlons and kayaking.

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